A URL shortener, also known as a link shortener, is a program that converts a long URL into a short link that redirects to the destination URL.

eit.io is a URL shortener that allows you to generate and manage short URLs as well as watch their click statistics.

eit.io is a URL Shortener that allows you to create branded short links. Short links generated in eit.io can be on the eit.io domain or on your own custom domain.

eit.io URL Shortener also allows you to utilize your own name, aliases, or the back-half of a short link, so that each short link is absolutely readable by the audience and generates more clicks than a conventional URL.

A custom URL shortener, also known as a custom link shortener, is a tool that allows you to change short URLs and tailor them to your specific needs in order to boost click-through rates.

eit.io is a customized URL shortener that enables for advanced modification of short URLs in order to enhance your brand.

You may change your short links in a variety of ways with eit.io. You can create random short links with a random string of letters in the back half, but you can also offer your own name and edit the back half of the short link in any manner to make it more readable for your audience.

It is not the only thing. You can also modify the front-half of the short link, i.e. the domain, to your own custom domain in eit.io and generate short links that support your brand.

A URL shortener has shortened a link to make it shorter. The short link takes you to the destination URL. The URL shortener on eit.io allows you to control a short link by changing the back half of a short link to your own. You may also manage ketos links using eit.io. A normal short link is formed in the domain that the link shortener assigns to it, in this case eit.io. In eit.io, you can also easily build branded short links.

A URL shortener that uses your own custom, branded domain to shorten the link is known as a branded short link. The destination URL is reached by clicking on a short link that was made in your own custom domain. By changing the second half of the short link to your own, the eit.io URL shortener lets you manage short branded URLs. Managed branded short links are another feature of eit.io. To make branded short links, use eit.io to add a number of branded custom domains.

The eit.io short link never expires. A short url can remain active indefinitely. You can remove the quick link on your own if you choose.

Yes, you can shorten and use the URLs on eit.io for free.

You will have additional choices for maintaining and updating the URL if you register on the eit.io website and shorten the links in your own dashboard.

You may have more control over your short links and gain access to more practical features that will let you fully customize and manage them by using eit.io subscription options.

It's true that eit.io is a sophisticated URL shortener that allows you to add a custom domain for URL truncation.

You can add several of your own custom domains to be used for URL shortening.

You can compile data on link clicks using the platform for link analytics. You can trace clicks on short links with this sophisticated tool.

The Link Analytics tool eit.io provides detailed statistics on clicks on short links.

You can clearly and graphically track clicks on short links with eit.io.

You may track clicks on short links with eit.io URL Shortener's sophisticated Link Analytics technology. When short links are opened, the following analytical data is gathered:

Number of clicks;

Source of clicks: the current sources of redirects from other sources or from social media that are not listed under the Source of clicks;

Referrals - sources of redirects;

Devices, including tablet, phablet, smartphone, TV with internet surfing application, desktop computer, console, and more from which the click was made;

Operating system (OS) - Advanced link analytics identifies the OS from which the click originated and displays the OS version for each OS;

Browsers - displays the browser version and the one from which the click was made;

Device brands - displays the names of the devices from which the short link was clicked, along with a version checkbox for each brand; When a short link is clicked, the device's language settings are displayed;

List of nations from where the short link was clicked, or geographic location;

Bots - Bots do not contribute to the total number of clicks, however the Single subscription plan offers the opportunity to track bot clicks on short links.

A QR code (Quick Response) is a matrix, two-dimensional, square graphic code (a type of barcode) that enables you to quickly read the data encoded in it.

Due to the quick and accurate information decoding that can be done with smartphone cameras, QR codes are practically utilized everywhere in printed objects including product packaging, posters, billboards, banners, and more.

Yes, you can produce QR codes for all short links, including links in bio, using eit.io, and you may alter their colors, shapes, and logos to suit your needs.

Do you get tired of the black and white QR code? You can modify the QR code on eit.io to better represent your company.

Social media networks, but not only them, give you the option to make your own profile where you may highlight the most important details about you, your business, or your brand. You can typically only share one clickable link in such a profile.

The URL that is included in the bio area of social media profiles is referred to by the link in the bio.

The link in bio that eit.io allows you to create is a readable and editable micro page where you may include links to websites that are important to you, your own profile photo, title, and description, as well as many other things, such videos.

In order to assist the growth of your brand and increase the number of clicks on your short links, eit.io is a complete all-in-one link management platform.

eit.io is more than a simple URL shortener. An individual URL shortener is eit.io. Additionally, eit.io is a platform for link management and analytics. Additionally, eit.io continues to be a platform for creating and modifying QR codes. It is not, however, everything. You may create your own micro pages, link-in bios, and more on eit.io.

To provide even better services that will complement your operations and your business, eit.io is always improving and growing its offering.